Health benefits of Swedish massage

There are several types of body massage services which are meant for different health benefits. But the main aim of all types of body massage service is to provide the customers with relief from all body pains along with providing them with the best mental and physical comfort. But to get the best service, it is important to hire a professional body massage therapist who is an expert in this line. The massage therapists use tools that would help them to give their clients an enjoyable and comfortable massage. Swedish massage is something very different from a typical massage.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is commonly meant for reducing the stress factor and other stress related ailments such as a back ache, stiff neck and other body aches. The massage involves long smooth strokes, circular movements and kneading on different layers of the muscles with the usage of a special oil or massage lotion. This helps in the relaxation of the muscle as pressure is applied on the bones and the muscles. It also helps in enhancing the oxygen level flowing through one’s blood, which is beneficial in healing injuries. The massage is done in such a way so that the blood directly flows back to the heart.

The masseur grabs and rolls the muscles and uses gliding strokes to break up the muscle knots, known as adhesions. There are various tools used in this type of massage. Some of them are- massage table, towel, blanket or sheets, lotions or oil, incense or candles and so on. The massage generally begins with massage on the feet and legs, followed by arms and hands, then the chest and, abdomen, and finally on the back.

Body massage therapies beautify the body and skin. Such therapies use gentle techniques of exfoliation in order to remove dead skin cell, stimulating new cell growth; thus providing the client with a glowing and healthy skin. Apart from all these benefits, massage therapy can be of many types like aromatherapy, lymphatic, shiatsu, foot reflexology, Swedish, craniosacral, myofascial, polarity, rolfing, sports, trigger-point massage. Body massage therapy spas like Swift Results Massage Therapy located in Cleveland offers all types of body massage services to the customers so that they can get relief from all kinds of body pains along with providing them with the best mental and physical comfort.